It’s easy to advertise with us

It couldn’t be simpler to advertise with us, we’re even happy to design your advert free of charge. There’s no need to pay up front, we’ll just send out an invoice after your advert has appeared.

If you need us to put your advert together for you: 

All we need is the text you’d like to use in your advert and any logos that you’d like to include. You will of course receive a proof prior to going to print to ensure that you are completely happy with the look and content of your advert.

  • Logo’s are best sent to us in ’jpeg’ format by email
  • Text is best sent to us in either a Word document or in the body of an e-mail
  • If you’d prefer to send a fax to us that’s fine, on 0844 443 2723 (local call rate)
  • Or you can even tell us over the phone; (015394) 44965

If you have a complete advert to send to us, they can be sent in the following ways:

  • By email, your file should be saved as a PDF
  • Supplied through Adfast – visit for further information – they will make a small charge for this service. This method is generally used only by large advertising agencies.